WYSIWYG Wiki Editor

July 27, 2008

I’ve integrated TinyMCE when editing Wiki pages and Notes. This means that you don’t have to muck about with Textile/Markdown to add formatting to your pages, as a lot of people have problems understanding how that works and getting the formatting right.

I’ve also added support for wrapping code and such in <pre></pre> which turns off all WikiWords, autolinkification and task linking.


3 Responses to “WYSIWYG Wiki Editor”

  1. Simo Parma Says:

    nice feat. works ok, please put it also in the project properties window 🙂

  2. Nice. I’d like a copy. Where can I get it. I can’t seem to find a download link on this page, if it’s for download that is.

  3. The editor is TinyMCE which you can find via Google. If you want the source for my Wiki, have a look at http://repo.clockingit.com and download the latest snapshot.

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