June 23, 2008

When I added translations to ClockingIT I went with a really simple system where all the strings to be translated are defined along with their translations in a file, with one file per language. This worked great for initially translating the whole thing to a new language, but it’s broken down as I’ve added more and more languages, changed strings, and added new strings.

To get some new text translated these days, I’ve had to add the strings to 13 different files, and contact 13 different people to do update the translations, some of which don’t have Git and need to have the complete file emailed back and forth.

No more! New strings are now automatically added to a table in the database, and I’ve added a simple form to update the translation of your language. I’ve also added a couple of rake tasks to dump/restore this information to/from the normal language files so you have a backup in case someone makes a mistake.


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