Darcs again…

July 31, 2007

For some reason, Darcs has started insisting that I’ve removed / emptied out some files that most certainly are there. This happened after I moved a plugin temporarily to disable it, then did some records, then moved the plugin back to re-enable it.

And now, I’m told the plugin is gone every time I record some changes. Git is still doing the right thing and didn’t get confused at all.

I guess it’s time to switch soon.

4 Responses to “Darcs again…”

  1. Eric Kow Says:

    You might be able to fix this by having a look at _darcs/patches/pending and removing the offending lines.

  2. Eric Kow Says:

    Also, if you’re sure if have not modified the file since, you could just delete it (!) and then ‘darcs revert’ the remove. Alternatively, you could move it aside, darcs revert, then move it back.

  3. I don’t trust darcs revert, might be because of the warning along the lines ‘only safe the first time’. 🙂 First time per file? First time ever? First time after a new record? No idea, so I try to skip it.

    Anyways, I’ve fixed it by grabbing a fresh copy from my public repository and moving over the changes I had done. But, I shouldn’t have to manually start over when it comes to SCMs. They really, really need to do the right thing and not mess up my data (even if it might have been because of something I did).

  4. Eric Kow Says:

    re: ‘safe the first time only’… you’re right, that’s rather unclear. Please submit a bug report (sounds like a documentation bug). The remark was introduced in 2005 by a user who wanted to point out that you could lose data with revert. I suspect the user was referring to unrevert, maybe pointing out that some things cannot be unreverted, but I’m not entirely sure.

    I think the behaviour you are describing may be a bug. A minimal test case might be

    darcs init
    touch a b
    darcs add a
    darcs record -a -m a -A moi
    mv a c
    darcs add b
    echo ny | darcs record -m b -A moi
    mv c a
    darcs what

    The claim you are making is that darcs should not still think you have removed that file. Please file a bug report as well.

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