Source Control

July 27, 2007

I’ve been mostly happy with my choice of Darcs for ClockingIT source control, even though it’s gotten slower and slower. But, today I ended up with a broken repository after aborting a conflicting pull. That’s not supposed to happen ever. So, I’ve converted the whole history to Git with Tailor, and am going to try using that for a while before I possibly swap.

I just need to wrap my head around all the git commands and try not to break things too often. 🙂

2 Responses to “Source Control”

  1. Dax Davis Says:

    Why are you not using Subversion?


  2. I’ve grown up with CVS, and we’ve been using SVN at work for some projects. Even though SVN is a bit better than CVS, it still has some fundamental problems when it comes to branching and tagging.

    All of the distributed SCM’s allow you to work offline, branch all you want (ie. whenever you implement a new non-trivial feature), and easily generate patches to send upstream.

    I really like the cherry-picking of what you really want to commit, and also which upstream patches you want to apply with Darcs, but it’s getting slower and slower. Doing a ‘darcs whatsnew -s -l’ to see which files are new and what’s been changed takes close to 10 seconds, while Git does it in 0.9 seconds. Git also has superior branching and merging, the conflict resolution in Darcs is pretty much broken at the moment.

    And I really disliked that I managed to end up with a broken working directory yesterday, and was unable to recover from it without a lot of hassle.

    Have a look at Linus’ talk about Git at Google – for some further pointers.

    — Erlend

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