February 3, 2007

.. has gotten a makover as well. After meaning to clean it up for quite a while, I finally had both the motivation and energy to get it done. This will also go live on the next deployment, which will be soon unless some new problems surface during further testing.

Next up will be some kind of schedule/calendar, showing task and milestone due dates, and probably some simple event registration. We’ll see what happens once I get started.


Development update..

February 3, 2007

I’ve added support for assigning multiple users to a task, which means that the task will show for everyone assigned when viewing their tasks. This is already being used on my install at work, and I expect the change to go live after a couple of more days of testing.

There will also be a new report, Users by Date, when I deploy the next time. This report lets you easily see how much time people have logged for a date range, and you can easily see who needs more to do, or who is overworked.