Juggernaut & Comet fixes

January 25, 2007

After struggling a bit with getting the Flash bridge working on my Linux machines, I did some research and discovered that the latest Flash refuses to fetch the crossdomain.xml file from anywhere else than the xmlsocket server when operating on port 443. So, I hacked the push_server a bit, and added something like this to get it to work:

if @line_buffer.include? "<policy-file-request/>"
Logger.debug "Sending policy file.."
self.send_data "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>\n<cross-domain-policy>\n<allow-access-from domain=\"*.clockingit.com\" to-ports=\"*\"/>\n<allow-access-from domain=\"192.168.*\" to-ports=\"*\"/>\n</cross-domain-policy>\n"

I also fetched the latest Juggernaut version from SVN and cleaned up the push_server quite a bit. There is for instance a lacking rescue on the JSON parse statement, meaning if someone sends bogus data on port 443 (ie. attempts a ssl request) it crashes.

To round of the evening, I created a first version of a print stylesheet, which makes it possible to print your task list and have it look nice and usable.


2 Responses to “Juggernaut & Comet fixes”

  1. Ray Says:

    I’m running across the same policy-file-request with Flex.
    I’m new to rails and just setup a simple rails 2 app to test out how restful i can get with flex.

    where did you put this code?

  2. In the Comet push server, after receiving a command from the client connecting. The source is available in my git repo.

    — Erlend

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