Juggernaut & Comet fixes

January 25, 2007

After struggling a bit with getting the Flash bridge working on my Linux machines, I did some research and discovered that the latest Flash refuses to fetch the crossdomain.xml file from anywhere else than the xmlsocket server when operating on port 443. So, I hacked the push_server a bit, and added something like this to get it to work:

if @line_buffer.include? "<policy-file-request/>"
Logger.debug "Sending policy file.."
self.send_data "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>\n<cross-domain-policy>\n<allow-access-from domain=\"*.clockingit.com\" to-ports=\"*\"/>\n<allow-access-from domain=\"192.168.*\" to-ports=\"*\"/>\n</cross-domain-policy>\n"

I also fetched the latest Juggernaut version from SVN and cleaned up the push_server quite a bit. There is for instance a lacking rescue on the JSON parse statement, meaning if someone sends bogus data on port 443 (ie. attempts a ssl request) it crashes.

To round of the evening, I created a first version of a print stylesheet, which makes it possible to print your task list and have it look nice and usable.


New version live..

January 10, 2007

The lastest and greatest version of ClockingIT is now live, after quite a bit of reworking and rewriting. I’ve had a lot of focus on making it easier to find the tasks you’re supposed to work on across all projects, as well as making a huge number of tasks workable.

Personally, I think it’s worked out great, and we’ve been able to handle over 800 tasks and issues across 40+ people at work with ease. Everyone knows what to do next, and there’s barely any need for status meetings any longer as everyone is up to speed on what’s been done and what’s up next.

Feel free to give it a try – ClockingIT is free to use, no ads, and no restrictions.