The new look is complete…

December 22, 2006

The wife had a new look for ClockingIT waiting for me when I came home from work yesterday, and I was able to complete it today. Personally, I think it looks fabulous. Expect the next version to go live before new years.

New Overview

Currently, I’m trying to write a tutorial and a wee bit of documentation, as some things have changed quite a bit (for the better, trust me) and I want the transition to the new way of working to be as smooth as possible for people.  I’ve even installed a wiki and going down that route instead of trying to create some static pages. Hopefully some people will join in and help me keep the documentation current. One can hope, at least.


Ferret and acts_as_ferret

December 20, 2006

I started implementing search in ClockingIT yesterday, and was prepared for a long session and massive codeage to get it done. Enter Ferret and acts_as_ferret, and the whole thing including the results page with highlighting of the search terms was done in a bit over two hours. Consider me amazed.

And when I got home from work today, the Wife had created a new look for the site as well. Even cleaner and slicker than it was. Things are looking great for the launch of the next version sometime before new-years. Just half a permissions system left to implement, and a bit of spit-shine and we’re good to go.

I’m not dead…

December 10, 2006

Even though it might seem like it. I’ve been busy rewriting ClockingIT to better handle larger amounts of tasks spread across several projects. I’ve also wanted to make it easier to filter your tasks, as well as prioritizing them and getting a good overview.

Have a look at the screenshot below for a peek of the new overview page, I’ll post more after running a beta at work for a while.

ClockingIT 0.99