More updates..

July 28, 2006

Even though I haven’t posted anything here for a couple of weeks, that doesn’t mean nothing has happened to ClockingIT.

I’ve implemented fragment caching across the most used pages, meaning you’ll see a more responsive application as Rails was taking forever generating everything everytime on large projects. My own Tasks page was taking over 6 seconds of pure render time. Even if the fragment caching did bring the render time down to 0.2 seconds, it was still taking forever to refresh the page, which brings me to the next change.

Always having Drag and Drop enabled seemed like a good idea to begin with, but on large projects you’d get a ~10 second pause as the Drag and Drop was initialized. I’ve made Drag and Drop a triggered action now, and that means projects with loads of tasks (200+) render pretty much instantly again. I’m going to look into making Drag and Drop lazy-loaded later on, but for now this was the most logical solution.

I also keep track of who from your company are online, showing an online users count up in the information bar, and a status per user on the Users page.The next update will be a good one, I just need to handle a few more edge-cases and it’ll go live.


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