While reworking my HTML in ClockingIT to support TaskList reordering with Drag and Drop, I ended up with some strange padding around empty LI’s used to make sure a tasklist never ends up empty (to work around a dropOnEmpty problem with Prototype/Scriptaculous). After several hours of trying just about everything, it seems IE decides that and empy LI needs to have some content after all, and that empty content makes IE refuse to set an height on the LI lower than the font-size inherited by the LI. Forcing

style="font-size: 1px; and line-height: 0px;"

on the empty LIs fixed the problem.


Almost there…

June 23, 2006

We've been hard at work lately and we've implemented a new design which we're both very happy with. I've also ripped out domTT and created my own tooltips implementation, as domTT was way overkill and created all kinds of problems with stuck tooltips. I've also changed the ajax working indicator into something I think gives better and more natural feedback.

Tasks Screenshot

We're not quite ready to make a full announcement and bring in loads of people, but if you want to take it for a spin, it's available at ClockingIT along with more screen-shots and information.