More Drag ‘n Drop goodies

May 25, 2006

I've finally gotten around to implementing Drag and Drop of a filtered task view in ClockingIT. It took a bit longer than anticipated due to my Ruby newbieness, but I did manage to get it sorted in the end.

While I was at it, I ajaxified edit Task / Tasklist, and fixed the popup menu so it doesn't go outside of the browser window. Also, adding a new message to a task now updates the message count of the task .

I'm beginning to love the RJS templates, they really make it easy working with the DOM and let you do updates that affect multiple elements without breaking a JavaScript sweat.

The wife has also come around and agreed that the icons we have today demand too much attention, and she will be toning them down a bit in the coming days.According to my Milestone view, I'm 71% done with the 1.0 release. Mostly polish and cleaning up left, ClockingIT is really shaping up to be great. Seeing my project manager at work use it on his laptop for the status-meeting we had this week proved to me that it's quite usable already. Feel free to register an account and start using it to track your projects, it's of course totally free.


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